Tips while visiting!


Here are a few tips and lessons learned when visiting Venice and the Biennale.

1. Wear comfortable shoes, this is possibly THE most important tip to remember. Trust me.

2. Try and book a hotel central in Venice. My boyfriend and I stayed in Locanda Ovidus  It will save money on traveling on the water bus and you can walk to most places.

3. One day don’t follow a map, you will find more interesting pavilions/collateral events when you are lost!

4. NEVER take a water taxi. Unless you don’t mind splashing 100 euros.

5. Sometimes you can get onto the water bus for free! If you like taking risks. If you are caught without a ticket you can be fined 52 euros.  You can get an all day ticket for 20 euros which is worth it if you are visiting a lot of shows.

6. Drink lots of water and consume more salt than usual, it’s hot and humid and easy to dehydrate. When you buy a bottle of water in a restaurant, take the rest with you for the day!

7. Some buildings are sinking and wonky, especially the Aezerbaijan pavilion. It could feel like you are tipsy, but it’s the building I promise.

8. Drink Spritz! It’s lovely, everyone drinks it.

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